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JOANN - Crafts & Coupons app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 3280 ratings )
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Developer: Jo-Ann Stores, Inc.
Current version: 5.1.8, last update: 7 months ago
First release : 30 Nov 2010
App size: 48.55 Mb

Get coupons and personalized deals, access weekly ads, or browse thousands of projects for inspiration. Express your own creativity & post a DIY project to share with the #handmadewithjoann community.

With the JOANN app you can:

* Receive exclusive, app only coupons to use in-store or online

* Browse weekly ads

* Browse projects for inspiration or create a how-to project to share with the #handmadewithjoann community.

* Share your Story with the Joann community. Explain how and why you live a handmade life.

* Create your own shopping list and begin your next project

* Sign up for one of our loyalty programs

* Browse our class catalog to learn something new

JOANN is the nation’s leading fabric and craft retailer with a great product selection, knowledgeable customer service, and class offerings for all ages. Download the latest JOANN app and be part of a community of people who love to make things with their hands, hearts and minds.

Pros and cons of JOANN - Crafts & Coupons app for iPhone and iPad

JOANN - Crafts & Coupons app good for

Love this app!! You go online to get the coupons (you can go online on your phone or on a pc somewhere else) and load them I your "wallet". Then you can go to the app and get your coupons from your wallet while you are offline. I love it!!! The search function works for me & even has quick sub categories to click on. I am from Canada so when I go to Jo-Ann, I make big trips at a time, so the coupons are amazing to have! Especially when I dont have to print them off. *Note: I have never turned my data on/off so I dont know of you lose coupons from your wallet*
You download coupons online (from your phone or a computer) and you redeem them without going online. Great app for on-the-go savings
Love the product. When Im in the store I often have trouble opening the coupons.
I love that you have your coupons available. The thing that is frustrating is that while shopping, if you select an item you cant go back to your search. Am I doing something wrong?
I love the store. I really like the store they built in Spanish Fork Utah. They always have what I need. Not to mention the wonderful service they provide for their customers. This store is unbeatable when it comes to customer service. Way to go you guys.
I love Jo Anns. That is my go to place no matter what project I am working on. My husband limits my time in the store! I get great service and l always find what I want.

Some bad moments

Always freezes, especially at the register when you are trying to use a coupon. Not user friendly
I use it weekly for the coupons and ideas. Always helpful to save money...always need help with sparks of ideas...
And all the discounts they offer regularly. I wish they had a bigger selection of fabrics (i.e. Knits). I also like that they offer training classes.
I love the fleece patterns! Great colors and designs for all the blankets I make and donate!! Best time to buy is on sale and free shipping as I buy 50+ yards at a time. Friendly folks at the store I shop at in Charlotte, NC.
I love the coupons! However the section titled newspaper and local is misleading since you cant access a barcode and if there is a way to use them I couldnt figure it out. Regardless I love all the coupons and deals and the ability to use multiple at the same time convinced me to switch from Hobby Lobby.
I used to go INTO THE STORE & actually be able to buy stuff 4 or 5 times a week. Yes, coupons are nice. But if you are in the middle of projects, who wants to order online with them for one of the slowest delivery methods of anyone online? Not me. And they keep reducing the kinds of items you can use coupons for- just this week, books are now excluded. Coupons kept me buying some books. Back to Amazon. I wish the big dogs of the company understood that when you cut stock in stores, they send customers to Hobby Lobby storefront (EVERYTHING IN STOCK IN STORE!),,, etc. NOT The site is tedious & shipping is way too expensive & slow. Yeah- app is okay, but good luck if you do all kinds of projects & want to buy stuff in the store. Hobby Lobby is a few doors down & thats where I walk to now.

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