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Ok but...

Great idea but I lost all my coupons when I turned my phone data off (was coming from Canada to US). That was upsetting! Please fix this glitch. You shouldnt be able to lose coupons in your wallet.


So far the major complaint I have is that the search function doesnt work....or if it does it takes way too long because it never seems to ever load for me. Unlike the previous reviewer turning off my data doesnt seem to remove my coupons...I turned it off for a while and when I went back into the app they were all still there. Fingers crossed that they are still there tomorrow as I am planning in going shopping south of the border and plan to use it!


Love this app!! You go online to get the coupons (you can go online on your phone or on a pc somewhere else) and load them I your "wallet". Then you can go to the app and get your coupons from your wallet while you are offline. I love it!!! The search function works for me & even has quick sub categories to click on. I am from Canada so when I go to Jo-Ann, I make big trips at a time, so the coupons are amazing to have! Especially when I dont have to print them off. *Note: I have never turned my data on/off so I dont know of you lose coupons from your wallet*


You download coupons online (from your phone or a computer) and you redeem them without going online. Great app for on-the-go savings

Great store

Love the product. When Im in the store I often have trouble opening the coupons.

Great app! But shopping???

I love that you have your coupons available. The thing that is frustrating is that while shopping, if you select an item you cant go back to your search. Am I doing something wrong?

Love JoAnns

I love the store. I really like the store they built in Spanish Fork Utah. They always have what I need. Not to mention the wonderful service they provide for their customers. This store is unbeatable when it comes to customer service. Way to go you guys.

Patti W

I love Jo Anns. That is my go to place no matter what project I am working on. My husband limits my time in the store! I get great service and l always find what I want.

Love the coupons

I love having the coupons readily accessible when Im at the store!

Great App!!!!!

Never an issue and definitely one of my favorites!!!

Favorite app

I love how easy this app makes it to shop for crafts. I had stopped all together but then I got the app that stores my coupons. I always forget the paper ones. Now every Saturday morning, Im at Jo-Anns and loving my creative outlets.

Best fabric and craft store

I have shopped Joanns for along time. They always gave what I need if Im sewing or baking and everything in between.


I LOVE Joann Fabrics! The employees are always so helpful and the coupons are great! I save so much on the items I use! I shop at the Joplin, Mo store and in Tulsa, Ok.


Love the coupons.

Love it!

I love the store and the app!

A Really Good App

Have had no problems with this app. Im always able to pull up coupons, and it states which coupons are for in-store or online only. My store readily accepts coupons, and often can pull them up if Im having problems with it.

JoAnns is the best!

JoAnns is the best place to go for fabric and yarn. Most of the time they have exactly what I am looking for. I shop in a couple different stores in Indiana, and use the app to determine which store has the items in stock that I want before I go shopping. I love that I can use coupons from mail, email, the app and through texts, and use more than one at a time as well as the current sale going on! If you play your cards right, you can save a lot of money! I recently participated in the Bernat Blanket Crochet Stitch Along, and had a blast. That Mikey sure knows his stuff. The only complaint I have is how long it takes to receive an online order. I have shopped around, and still come back to JoAnns to get what I need.

Awesome savings

As a teacher and crafter I love joanns their discounts and coupons are far beyond any other company I shop at. I always recommend joanns.

Quality products & usable coupons

The products are always good and the weekly coupons are excellent value


As someone who forgot the sale flyer with the coupon more often than not, Im so happy to have the latest coupon as close as my phone!! I love this app ❤️

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